Safety Tips for Lightning Strikes


Many people know that lightning can be dangerous, but did you know that lightning is the number two weather-related killer in the country? With more than 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the U.S. each year, lightning can threaten your safety.

This year, June 21 marks the start of National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, an initiative started by the National Weather Service to shed light on the dangers of lightning.

For industries at the heart of the American economy, where a lot of work is completed outdoors, it’s the perfect time to brush up on safety practices to keep you and your workers as safe as possible.

Severe storm cells can develop year-round and at any time of day. When lightning strikes, you only have a few seconds of warning.

While only 10 percent of lightning strikes result in death, 90 percent sustain life-long injuries or disabilities. Memory loss, sleep disorders, numbness, dizziness, stiffness of joints, muscle weakness, and depression are just a few of the lasting effects.