About Old Republic General Insurance Group

The Old Republic General Insurance Group is the largest business segment within Old Republic International Corporation (NYSE: ORI) and specializes in the property & casualty marketplace. Each company focuses on a select segment, offering specialized insurance coverages or specializing by industries. This is our competitive advantage. While collectively we offer a full suite of risk management and insurance solutions, our expertise in unique industry segments is unsurpassed.

We serve large corporations with complex risks, small and mid-sized companies, and consumers with home and auto warranty offerings. No matter which Old Republic General Insurance Group company you deal with, we all operate with the same core values and tradition of delivering on our promises.

Get to know us and you will see we are an organization that values partnership and long-term relationships. We have the right solutions to manage your risk-and everything we do demonstrates our commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations. Old Republic General Insurance Group offers a wide variety of property & casualty insurance coverages and related services, and our parent company, Old Republic International Corporation, is a Fortune 500 company and one of the nation's 50 largest shareholder-owned insurance organizations. 

Specialized Companies

  • BITCO Insurance Companies 1, 3
  • Great West Casualty Company
  • Old Republic Accident & Health 2, 4
  • Old Republic Aerospace 2
  • Old Republic Excess & Surplus
  • Old Republic Home Protection
  • Old Republic Inland Marine 4
  • Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada
  • Old Republic Insured Automotive Services 2
  • Old Republic Lawyers Specialty Insurance 4
  • Old Republic Professional Liability 2
  • Old Republic Residual Market Services 
  • Old Republic Risk Management 2
  • Old Republic Specialty Insurance Underwriters 4
  • Old Republic Surety Company
  • PMA Companies 4

Insurance Contracts are Underwritten and Issued by:

  1. BITCO General Insurance Corporation and BITCO National Insurance Company
  2. Old Republic Insurance Company
  3. Old Republic General Insurance Corporation
  4. Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance Company, Manufacturers Alliance Insurance Company, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Company

Every great partnership starts with a conversation.

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