Mastering Ladder Safety Practices

BITCO_4.30.24_Ladder Safety

Ensuring Your Safety at Every Step

When working at heights, ladder safety is imperative to prevent accidents and injuries. Continue reading to learn our best practices to stay safe at every step.

Ensure Physical Ability

A person must be able to carry out the physical tasks for each type of ladder.

Use the Right Ladder for the Job

When selecting a ladder for your task, determine if you need a step ladder or an extension ladder. Ensure it has the appropriate load capacity. Consider not only your weight but also the weight of the equipment, tools, and materials you will be carrying. Choose a ladder with a duty rating and weight capacity that aligns with the job performed. Avoid overloading the ladder, as this can compromise your safety. Make sure step ladders are long enough to work from without using the top 3 feet to avoid instability. Remember, never stand on the top step or top cap of a step ladder. Make sure extension ladders are secured and extend at least three feet above the landing platform. Avoid using a ladder horizontally as a makeshift platform as this can be extremely dangerous. Always use ladders for their intended purpose and follow the manufacturer's instructions.