Time To Discuss Cargo Securement


In the hustle and bustle of daily operations, it can be difficult to remind your operations team of every possible risk your fleet is facing. However, when was the last time you discussed cargo securement? Better yet, have you analyzed your Safety Measurement System (SMS) results and recent cargo-related claims to look for loss trends? There could be leading and lagging indicators present that speak to performance issues and preventable losses.

Regardless of whether red flags are present, every day is a good day to discuss cargo securement with your team. Below are some talking points to consider when discussing best practices with your drivers. Additionally, try completing the ‘Call to Action’ items below.

If you are looking for additional training resources, Great West insureds receive a 10% discount with JJ Keller on cargo securement products such as the two shown below. Also, Great West’s Learning Library includes videos on this topic. For additional information, contact your Risk Control Services representative.