Personal Protective Equipment for Loggers - Water


Most of the time, when listening to a safety topic concerning Personal Protective Equipment, most think of items such as hard hats, hi-visibility vests or shirts, gloves, eye protection, hearing, and footwear related to the type of industry you are working. However, PPE can be in the form of anything that provides protection - whether on a construction or timber harvesting work site, in sawmill manufacturing, or simply in a remote forestry setting. PPE is also relevant to environmental conditions. During this time of the year, temperatures start to soar from the mid to high heat ranges, even starting early mornings in some locations.

One form of PPE for loggers that is often overlooked during this time of year concerns dehydration and working in extreme weather conditions. Foresters, for example, will walk long distances throughout the day to mark timber boundaries, SMZs, and other environmental concerns related to a tract of timber.