Log Truck Pre-Trip Inspections: A Comprehensive Guide Before Hitting The Road


Before hitting the road, log truck drivers must conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users. By neglecting a pre-trip inspection, you're essentially rolling the dice with safety, increasing the likelihood of accidents, legal troubles, and financial burdens. Use this checklist before your next trip:

Cab Interior

Begin the inspection with the interior of the cab.

  • Listen for any abnormal engine noise.
  • Gauges should have "normal" readings and no warning lights on. The "Low Air" warning should operate if the air pressure drops below 60 pounds.
  • Emergency equipment must be available inside of the cab, such as triangles, spare fuses, fire extinguishers in secured locations, and load flags for tree-length truckers.
  • A hard hat should either be located inside the cab or worn.
  • The parking brake and foot brake must be responsive.
  • The wipers, horn(s), and headlight high/low beam switch are operational.
  • Mirrors should be clean and properly positioned.
After inspecting the cab's interior, it's time to check the tractor...