Help Drivers Manage Fatigue


Driver fatigue remains a significant concern in the trucking industry, posing risks to road safety and the health of drivers. Implementing effective strategies to manage and mitigate driver fatigue is crucial for ensuring safer roads and promoting the well-being of those behind the wheel. The demanding nature of trucking schedules often leads to fatigue among drivers, affecting their alertness, reaction times, and overall performance. Recognizing the signs of fatigue is vital, and acknowledging the importance of adequate rest and breaks is the cornerstone of fatigue management. Below are several tips to help educate your drivers on managing fatigue.

Promote Naps During Breaks

A motor carrier can help drivers manage fatigue by promoting naps during the driver’s mandated 30-minute break following eight hours of cumulative driving. It is not enough for drivers to simply pull over and get out from behind the wheel. According to Hawai’i Pacific Health, “Researchers found that those who napped regularly reaped greater restorative effects than those who failed to nap.”