Forestry Equipment Fire Response: Reduce The Risk Of Fire & Be Prepared To Battle A Blaze


Equipment used in the forestry industry has a high risk of being damaged or destroyed by fire due to the "fire triangle" components: oxygen, heat, and fuel. The best way to prevent equipment fires is to regularly remove accumulations of debris from all areas of the equipment. Take time to prepare your crew on ways to reduce the risk of fires and how to be prepared if one does occur.

Equipment Fire Response Training

Safety training is crucial to preventing fires when working with forestry equipment. When training workers on equipment fire response:

  • Ensure all operators have read the equipment manual for each machine for operation and safety
  • Create a plan of action to manage fires
  • Include the importance of early detection
  • Instruct on the proper use of fire extinguishers and water tanks
  • Regularly inspect and maintain fire extinguishers and water tanks to ensure they are ready to use