Assess Your Company's Culture With These Tools


Company culture plays a pivotal role in a motor carrier’s success. Culture impacts every facet of operations, from safety and compliance to hiring and retention. The term “culture” is sometimes described simply as “The way we do what we do,” and might be viewed as an undefined vibe permeating the walls of a company.

In reality, culture can be measured, and just like any safety initiative, if it can be measured, it can be improved. Below are several culture measurement techniques and action items. Consider using one or more of these to establish a baseline for your company's culture and track your transformation.


A pulse check is simply a means of learning the current state of your company. You can use various techniques, such as emails, questionnaires, a suggestion box, etc., to gauge the pulse of the company. The goal is to capture a baseline and then track the company’s change over time. For example, using a five-point scale, one could ask employees about a specific topic like leadership’s support of safety initiatives. Using the average score as a baseline, determine a course to make improvements in this area, then take another pulse check to see if the scores improve.