6 Reminders To Prevent Logging Truck Accidents


Vehicle injuries are often the leading cause of death in all industry workplace fatalities. Log trucks are some of the most challenging types of trucks to drive, and if driven irresponsibly, can be dangerous to both the log truck driver and other drivers on the road. Refresh yourself on these six recommendations to stay safe on the road and prevent accidents.

1. Seatbelts
Did you know that wearing a seat belt can reduce your chances of fatal injury by 45 percent and critical injuries by 50 percent? As a log truck driver, keep in mind:

  • Log truck rollovers are often the most common accident where the seat belt saved the driver's life.
  • We often see neck injuries for drivers who weren't wearing their seatbelts from driving over a bump and hitting their heads on top of the cab.
  • Seat belts allow drivers to stay at the wheel and control the truck to some degree after the initial impact.
  • Not wearing a seat belt gives an officer an excuse to pull over a driver.