Why Us

Why Us

You want a partner that understands your risks. One that’s financially stable and here to support you over the long-term. And, if you’re looking for business insurance, you want someone who knows your industry. That’s what you’ll find at Old Republic General Insurance Group. Our decentralized business model puts specialists directly on the front line, so you get a level of service and expertise not commonly found in the industry. We work hard to understand your needs and give you the right solutions. Each of our companies has full accountability for the segments they serve within the Property & Casualty marketplace. This means we can respond quickly and effectively to your needs—today and tomorrow.

Specialization & Expertise

We have spent the better part of the last century developing specialized expertise in our insurance coverage offerings and our clients' industry segments. While each Old Republic General Insurance Group company is a specialist, collectively our expertise is broad and encompassing across the Property & Casualty marketplace. Our philosophy is simple—understand each client’s unique challenges and develop the right solution for their risk. Over the years, we have also learned what many of our clients with similar insurance coverage needs or industries have in common. This two-fold approach gives you the depth of resources and expertise to create the right solutions for you, and a long-term partner.

Financial Strength & Stability

Old Republic International Corporation is among the nation's 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations. It has consolidated assets of approximately $19.35 billion as of June 30, 2017. Our oldest insurance subsidiary had its origin in 1887. Since 1923, Old Republic has grown as a specialty insurance business. This has given us one of the industry’s best records as a long-term growth company. As a result, we serve many of America’s leading industrial and financial services companies. Click here for more information.

Partnership & Service

We take a distinctive, collaborative approach and believe in building relationships the “old fashioned way”. You benefit from our local presence, people with extensive knowledge of the coverage you need or industry you’re in, as well as any related regulatory, managed care, and claims environments. This high-touch approach differentiates us, fostering trust and ties between our people and the clients we serve. Our underwriting, Third-party Administrator (TPA) services, risk control, and claims management, create a comprehensive approach that provides you with the right solutions.

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