Our Presenters @ PRIMA

Monday, June 6th at 10:45am — "Body Worn Camera Video as a Risk Management Tool"

Check out this session being presented by PMA Companies Risk Control Manager, Dave Weightman. Dave will be co-presenting with Jon Parham of 360AOR.

Body worn cameras capture the performance of our police officers as they perform their jobs in real time. This video gives supervisors and agency leaders an understanding of the officer’s performance in relation to the agency standards, but only if someone is monitoring the video collected in a timely manner. This session will demonstrate how the consistent and timely review of officers’ performance, compared to standardized performance metrics, can identify risk management concerns before a claim or lawsuit is filed. It also allows the agency to demonstrate its efforts to manage their officers on a day-to-day basis, while creating data that can be shared with the public to demonstrate their efforts of transparency and continuing improvement.

Tuesday, June 7th at 9:45am — "Why Employees Take Risks"

Check out this session being presented by Daniel Hurley, Risk Manager for the City of Chesapeake. Dan will be co-presenting with Brad Wilson, Territory Sales Manager (Southeast) for PMA Management Corp.

Through case studies and research on the cause of accidents, this session will discuss the primary reasons why accidents do happen in the workplace. By understand the difference between flows in rule base, skill base and knowledge base types of accidents/incidents, the attendee will have a better understanding of why employees take risks either inadvertently or on purpose. Understanding the choices employees make may help train employees more effectively in the prevent of injury.